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Professor Ali Jadbabaie

JR East Professor of Engineering

Head, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Core Faculty, Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS)

Principal Investigator, Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems 

From the power grid to the internet, large-scale network entities shape more aspects of our lives than ever before. These dynamical systems rely on cutting-edge advances in sensing, communication, computation, and control to coordinate imperfect information distributed across vast distances. To design these networks, understand their behavior, and address vulnerabilities, we must dig into a spectrum of disciplines to analyze the dynamics of these interconnected parts across multiple scales and find the best ways to optimize them.

From robotics and remote sensing to social networks and economics, we have much to learn when it comes to multi-agent coordination, distributed optimization, network science, and decision-making. Mathematical models can give us deep insight into these social, physical, and engineering processes to address the emerging challenges of our networked lives.